A Holistic Approach To Horse Training, Development, And Rehabilitation

Manolo is best known for his dedication to a soft, sympathetic training method that prepares horses physically and psychologically for each stage of work; from its initial training through to Grand Prix.

With his unique approach, Manolo can calm the nervous, stressed or anxious mare, stallion or gelding, engage the unresponsive horse, assist a horse during rehabilitation after injury, or refine and enhance the performance of a highly talented one. Learn more⇒

Unique Training Cavesson

Manolo created his first Cavesson over 30 years ago. Manolo’s newer version of the metal nose piece is SMOOTH and packed with MEMORY FOAM, unlike a traditional Spanish seratta, which is toothed and has little to no padding. It is light and pleasant for the horse.

Lungeing and In-hand Work

Upcoming Clinics

Manolo runs comprehensive horse training clinics around Australia and throughout the world. The clinics run over a number of days. Giving participants, observers and their horses a first-hand insight into his unique training approach and philosophy.

Manolo Mendez training a horse with a bamboo stick

“The nature of my technique allows me to provide the horse the opportunity for healing and flourishing, guiding the horse along its own path to wellness.”

A Lifetime Of Horse Experience 

From his early life working with horses, mules and donkeys on his family’s farm in Andalucía, Spain, to being appointed as the first Head Rider at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, Manolo’s steadfast mission has been to learn from horses in order to help them attain their full potential. Learn more

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