Manolo Mendez

Testimonial: One Year Before/After

This testimonial was shared on 5/8/2018 by Johanna Zeelenberg who is one of the members of our In-Hand Group. When we asked her if we could share her horse’s story she said: “If this story can inspire others not to give up on a horse and that most things are possible with correct & patient work that would be awesome! (He really had nothing going for him at all & I had little resources other than Manolo’s clinic & DVD!!).”

Here is her story:

“Hi Everyone, I haven’t posted here before but wanted to show some photos of a horse that I’m training now differently to the way he used to be.

He’s an OTTB that had a lot of issues (no natural balance, camped under, weak body, terrible dental hooks, possible C6 & C7 deformity, terrible walk & couldn’t canter, head tossing & twisting, hoof problems. VERY stiff in the body. Just looked unwell & distressed). Nobody wanted him as he was “ugly” & uncoordinated.

Very glad to say everything has improved greatly! His walk is now big, his trot is ground covering and his canter established and improving.

My daughter & I watched Manolo’s clinics last year (2 full days in the rain!!) in Perth, Western Australia. We then purchased a Manolo’s Seretta and the DVD. So happy to share the positive change in him. Photos are one year apart, the next day after being clipped. No diet changes or food additives for coat. The same amount of hours worked, just trained differently. I now do a lot of groundwork with the Serreta and ride with a soft bit, no noseband in an open low to mid frame. Photo 1. 2017, Photo 2 2018. (In the sun so you can see how even his color is becoming and shiny! – Compared to the yucky color he was last year! After a groundwork session & some massage – he’s sooo relaxed!

Still has a long way to go with his topline but I’m in no hurry, just enjoying enhancing a beautiful creature that previously had no future. I love working him in the serreta! Happy for any feedback! Thank you, Manolo for inspiring us and showing the way

We are happy for Johanna and her horse. We look forward to seeing him again in a year, two year..he will only flourish from here on.

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