Manolo Mendez


Manolo was speaking recently with Chantelle about Travers and Half Pass and how one prepares the other. He mentioned how often riders forget to go back to the basics to improve, repair or enhance a more advanced movement but also to keep the horse fresh and happy doing work that condi
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Balance &Rhythm in the Young Horse: Essential to Forward and Self Carriage (first independent balance)

Preparation is everything To develop a harmonious partnership with its horse, the rider must make sure that all the work is confirmed and re-comfirmed at every stage of the training, from green to FEI. By constantly strengthening the foundation, and making sure the horse understands t
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Is your bit balanced?

These beautiful, hand made bits with small centre pieces are made by a man in Queensland called Ken Miller. He mostly makes western bits according to his website but he makes the nicest most balanced snaffle bits we have seen thus far so these are good to study to understand what make
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