Manolo Mendez

Touch Your Horse Gently and…Knowingly.

What if this year you learned to touch your horse not just for pleasure but for wellness as well? In every clinic Manolo gives, every lesson, you will see him do some body work and some in-hand work even when the student is signed up for “just” a riding lesson. In Manolo&#

Knowledge is a powerful contributor to wellness in horses.

There is no better teacher then the horse and no better student then the rider who wishes the best for his horse and uses all his senses to understand and care for him better. Seeing, listening, touching, even smelling are gifts we can use to understand our horse’s bodies better

Balance &Rhythm in the Young Horse: Essential to Forward and Self Carriage (first independent balance)

Preparation is everything To develop a harmonious partnership with its horse, the rider must make sure that all the work is confirmed and re-comfirmed at every stage of the training, from green to FEI. By constantly strengthening the foundation, and making sure the horse understands t


Intently listening and paying attention. The horse is listening to what is happening in his body, and so his Manolo.  Manolo is listening with his whole being and so is the horse. He is checking this horse’s cervical spine and muscles at the top of the neck and around C5 on the

Manolo on the Half-Halts…

In the two images above, Manolo is schooling and preparing for pirouette work. The first image is a medium trot and the second a step of pirouette. “Some schools define the half halt as a hold and release with or without a stopping of the back or hands for a couple of seconds or

Finding the Right Bit: A Matter of Patience and Respect.

In your hands, you hold your horse’s emotions. With the reins and the bit you are not only able to provide your horse with information about where you wish to go, how you wish his posture to change or how fast or slow to move. With the reins and the bit you impact directly a horse’s s

BREAKING NEWS: (not) Training success and how much your horse is connected to you emotionally, feels safe, comfortable and acknowledged are strongly interrelated.

Science is finally recognizing something Manolo and Linda Tellington Jones amongst others have known, practiced and taught for decades and decades: Touch has a profound physiological, mental and emotional impact on horses. On every living being really. Linda’s work is even calle