Manolo Mendez

Teaching A Foal How To Pick Up His Feet

This article written by Chantelle Matthews, Manolo’s Assistant Trainer and the La Mancha barn manager. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with Phil Maddox of Maddox Equestrian. Phil is a New Zealand-based professional horse trainer who specializes in stress-fr

The Story of Casper and Topaz Part IV (final)

Casper and Topaz are together. They bonded on sight and Casper came home to live with Topaz while he grows up. Casper is proving to be a sweetheart of a mare, she watches over Topaz but lets him explore and play. She is a great protector, but she is wise about when to step in. Casper

The Story of Topaz and Casper Part III

Topaz learned to trailer. While we waited for some pics of Topaz and Caspar, his surrogate mum, we thought we would share some images of life at La Mancha with Topaz (he left yesterday). Since he had to travel, Manolo and Chantelle worked with him to make going up into the trailer and

The Story of Topaz and Casper Part II (video clip)

While Topaz was here at La Mancha, the whole team got involved in feeding every 2 hours and making sure he did not get depressed. He played, moved, investigated and received some good scratches. Thank you Jenny for letting us share Topaz will all the people who care for him. Here is a