Manolo Mendez

On balance and collection…

“Balance and collection cannot be hurried, forced or taken. Both comes from within the horse. They are born not just from developing the horse’s body, his straightness, strength and suppleness but from tending to his mind and heart and carefully cultivating his desire to w

Manolo on the Half-Halts…

In the two images above, Manolo is schooling and preparing for pirouette work. The first image is a medium trot and the second a step of pirouette. “Some schools define the half halt as a hold and release with or without a stopping of the back or hands for a couple of seconds or

Finding the Right Bit: A Matter of Patience and Respect.

In your hands, you hold your horse’s emotions. With the reins and the bit you are not only able to provide your horse with information about where you wish to go, how you wish his posture to change or how fast or slow to move. With the reins and the bit you impact directly a horse’s s

BREAKING NEWS: (not) Training success and how much your horse is connected to you emotionally, feels safe, comfortable and acknowledged are strongly interrelated.

Science is finally recognizing something Manolo and Linda Tellington Jones amongst others have known, practiced and taught for decades and decades: Touch has a profound physiological, mental and emotional impact on horses. On every living being really. Linda’s work is even calle

What gives Clint his Bloom and Athleticism (besides training)?

Manolo is often asked what he feeds his horses that gives them such blooming coats, strong hooves, shiny full tails and manes and beautiful bodies. To answer this question, we thought we would share the details of our horses daily life, starting with Clint Eastwood. Clint is a 2000 im

Fixity is the Enemy of Suppleness & Soundness (Elasticity Rules)

Something to keep in mind when you lunge your horse or work him/her in-hand. Fixed headsets, fixed postures, fixed gaits for long or even short stretches of times do not build fitness, instead they build stiffness. Too much energy/activity runs the horse down and damages its body. Not
Touch Your Horse

Touch Your Horse

Touch your horse to connect, to detect, to release, to reward, to assist to unfold, to remind, to facilitate, to bring peace or energy to make whole and to make well. Touch. This is a theme that comes back again and again in Manolo’s work and in the future weeks we will be shari