Manolo Mendez

The Young Horse’s First Time Out: Setting Him Up for Success

Mickey is not unfamiliar with traveling in a trailer. He has had trailer training since he was a foal (he travelled from WA to VIC when he was 6 months old). Since then, he has had routine trailering training to ensure that he easily loads in should he have to go to the vet or be evac

What, Why, When and How: The Walk Pirouette

What, Why, When and How: The Walk Pirouette by Manolo Mendez, specialist in in-hand and classical Equitation & writer Caroline Larrouilh A correctly executed pirouette is a thing of beauty, a perfect storm of collection, impulsion, suppleness, strength and balance. In canter, it i

Manolo on Suppling The Crooked Horse

The most recent quizz questions on the Manolo Mendez Dressage Facebook page resulted in some very good discussions at La Mancha about equine stiffness and suppleness. Manolo shared his training philosophy on how to help horses develop the bilateral suppleness needed for them to be be

Touch Your Horse’s Pectorals for a clue to his Wellness. — and to Enhance his Performance.

Your horse’s pectorals are very helpful muscles. Their condition can give you a lot of feedback about your horse’s health and how well your training is going as pectorals are linked to straightness, shoulder freedom, through-ness, lifting the base of the neck and collectio

Balance &Rhythm in the Young Horse: Essential to Forward and Self Carriage (first independent balance)

Preparation is everything To develop a harmonious partnership with its horse, the rider must make sure that all the work is confirmed and re-comfirmed at every stage of the training, from green to FEI. By constantly strengthening the foundation, and making sure the horse understands t

Is your bit balanced?

These beautiful, hand made bits with small centre pieces are made by a man in Queensland called Ken Miller. He mostly makes western bits according to his website but he makes the nicest most balanced snaffle bits we have seen thus far so these are good to study to understand what make


Intently listening and paying attention. The horse is listening to what is happening in his body, and so his Manolo.  Manolo is listening with his whole being and so is the horse. He is checking this horse’s cervical spine and muscles at the top of the neck and around C5 on the

Manolo Mendez Clinic Report by Dr. Fiona Mead Rider, Veterinarian &Acupuncturist North Island, NZ Jan 2014

In his observations of the horse and rider, Manolo Mendez ‘hits the nail on the head’ with accuracy, intuitive awareness and in doing so, demonstrates his keen horse sense and deep understanding of ‘horse nature’. As a rider I felt privileged to share time with Manolo.  I was aware of

South Island, NZ, Clinic Report by Clinic Organizer Jakki Guilford, Jan 2014

It has taken me quite some time to collect my thoughts, in part because I was busy with my wedding the following week, but also because there was just so much to take in and consider. Trying to express just how deeply affected I have been by the clinic has been really difficult as it

The endless quest for self carriage and freedom.

His work was already a search for movement and posture, for expression and beauty, born out of true independent balance, self carriage and freedom. A search for a communion with the horse that is characterized by light, giving hands rather then fixed contact and fists, aids that seek