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Malene and Rebell: 3 months from refusal to canter and jump to…

Malene and Rebell: 3 months from refusal to canter and jump to… Today…Photos taken in late Summer 2016. Rebell had a foal and has come back into work. Malene works with her in-hand and under saddle and is having a great time with her. For her story, read below. and yes can

How Manolo Starts Young Horses

How Manolo Starts Young Horses: A Patient Process of Building A Strong, Healthy Body and a Willing, Content Mind. Topaz is 3 years and 3 months and starting to come to the arena more regularly for 10 minutes or so of training a few times a week. Over the next several months, the goal

More On Straightness

A core principle of Training for Wellness™  is to develop straightness which can be defined as good spinal alignment, musculoskeletal symmetry and ambidexterity without creating mental or physical stress, pain, tension, discouragement or sadness in the horse. One way crookedness damag

Australia: Horse for Sale

Horse for Sale at Manolo Mendez Dressage  We do not have horses for sale normally but this is an exception as Manolo’s Assistant Trainer Chantelle Matthews is selling her horse Mickey. For more information please contact her by phone at:0439 959 761or email To download the flyer

Painted Horse Stressed/Pain Point Chart

Here is an illustrated list of potential pain/stress areas that both Manolo and Debranne Pattillo of Equinology INC find to be sensitive or painful when doing bodywork or checking horses while training as Manolo does. These are indicative of issues that need addressing before tenderne

How do you stop a horse from falling in when working in-hand?

Here, Manolo is working in-hand and getting a feel for the horse – how straight and supple it is, how evenly it can move its body on straight and bended lines, and how comfortably and well it can flex its hips and hind leg joints. After a bit of work, you can see Manolo checking

Touch Your Horse Gently and…Knowingly.

What if this year you learned to touch your horse not just for pleasure but for wellness as well? In every clinic Manolo gives, every lesson, you will see him do some body work and some in-hand work even when the student is signed up for “just” a riding lesson. In Manolo&#

Teaching A Foal How To Pick Up His Feet

This article written by Chantelle Matthews, Manolo’s Assistant Trainer and the La Mancha barn manager. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with Phil Maddox of Maddox Equestrian. Phil is a New Zealand-based professional horse trainer who specializes in stress-fr

Introduction to the Canter Pirouette

The Canter Pirouette is a high level movement, a very difficult exercise that requires balance, suspension, suppleness, listening and collection from the horse. To have a good canter pirouette, we must have a good…canter. We must have a pure three beat canter and be able to coll

Bamboo, Tempo, Timing & Movement

  Some thoughts on learning to use a bamboo cane in-hand properly. Manolo speak of the in-hand trainer being like an orchestra conductor and creating music with the horse by using his bamboo cane to organize and activate the horse’s body just as a conductor activates different se