Manolo Mendez

The Young Horse’s First Time Out: Setting Him Up for Success

Mickey is not unfamiliar with traveling in a trailer. He has had trailer training since he was a foal (he travelled from WA to VIC when he was 6 months old). Since then, he has had routine trailering training to ensure that he easily loads in should he have to go to the vet or be evac
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Helping the Nervous Horse Settle (video clip)

How do you help settle a nervous horse in-hand? This is a question Manolo is often asked in the group we set up for the riders who are studying his training approach and his in-hand work. To help answer it, we cut a clip from footage we had from Equitana where Clint was part of a thre
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Our Hot Weather Routine

Our Hot Weather Routine. This is a routine we have established through trial and error over the years for when the temperature rises above 35 degrees. We are flexible in how we do things and are always looking for ways to increase our horses comfort so if you have suggestions to share
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What does your horse's tail tell you?

Does your horse’s tail swing?

If a horse’s tail gets caught between his hind legs he is not using his body properly. If the tail lays flat and listless these are clues that energy, messages and feedback from the brain to the body and back may not be traveling up and down his spine properly. If the tail is cl
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