Manolo Mendez


Intently listening and paying attention. The horse is listening to what is happening in his body, and so his Manolo.  Manolo is listening with his whole being and so is the horse. He is checking this horse’s cervical spine and muscles at the top of the neck and around C5 on the
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Manolo Mendez Clinic Report by Dr. Fiona Mead Rider, Veterinarian &Acupuncturist North Island, NZ Jan 2014

In his observations of the horse and rider, Manolo Mendez ‘hits the nail on the head’ with accuracy, intuitive awareness and in doing so, demonstrates his keen horse sense and deep understanding of ‘horse nature’. As a rider I felt privileged to share time with Manolo.  I was aware of
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Heat 101: Strategies for Beating the Heat from A Vet

** Tips for keeping your horses cool this summer ** 1) SHADE Shade is needed to allow your horses to regulate their core body temperature. They will move in and out of the shade as required. 2) WATER Horses number 1 way of controlling their body temperature is through sweat – th
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