Manolo Mendez

The Young Horse’s First Time Out: Setting Him Up for Success

Mickey is not unfamiliar with traveling in a trailer. He has had trailer training since he was a foal (he travelled from WA to VIC when he was 6 months old). Since then, he has had routine trailering training to ensure that he easily loads in should he have to go to the vet or be evac

What, Why, When and How: The Walk Pirouette

What, Why, When and How: The Walk Pirouette by Manolo Mendez, specialist in in-hand and classical Equitation & writer Caroline Larrouilh A correctly executed pirouette is a thing of beauty, a perfect storm of collection, impulsion, suppleness, strength and balance. In canter, it i


Intently listening and paying attention. The horse is listening to what is happening in his body, and so his Manolo.  Manolo is listening with his whole being and so is the horse. He is checking this horse’s cervical spine and muscles at the top of the neck and around C5 on the

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2014! With a fun Clip

This year is the Year of the Horse and we have decided to do something a little different to celebrate the next twelve months by putting a spotlight on education. But first, a little riding levity! First, starting in January, we will be sharing a dozen articles on Manolo’s websi