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HEAT 101: Signs your Horse is in Distress & What to Do About It.

Contributed by Sabine Ware, DVM, one of our vets at The Vet Practice. HOW TO TELL IF YOUR HORSE IS IN PHYSICAL DISTRESS FROM THE HEAT: Horses will show distress in various different ways. Often it is as simple as them sweating excessively in the paddock, pacing or pawing. The horses w

Heat, Fever, Hives: Acupressure and TTouch to the Rescue

Acupressure and TTouch: Safe tools you can use with a horse in crisis due to hot weather. What can you do besides hosing down your horse and putting him in the shade if your horse is in distress due to the heat and you are waiting for the vet? One option is to use acupressure to help

Foals: Safe in the Shade

SAFE IN THE SHADE Do you have foals? Is it getting hot where you are? Did you know one of the #1 signs a foal shows when its over heated is hyperventilation? For more on warning signs, read on. Our veterinarian Dr. Sabine Ware has this important advice to share about babies, mares and

Heat 101: Strategies for Beating the Heat from A Vet

** Tips for keeping your horses cool this summer ** 1) SHADE Shade is needed to allow your horses to regulate their core body temperature. They will move in and out of the shade as required. 2) WATER Horses number 1 way of controlling their body temperature is through sweat – th