Manolo Mendez

Touch Your Horse’s Pectorals for a clue to his Wellness. — and to Enhance his Performance.

Your horse’s pectorals are very helpful muscles. Their condition can give you a lot of feedback about your horse’s health and how well your training is going as pectorals are linked to straightness, shoulder freedom, through-ness, lifting the base of the neck and collectio
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South Island, NZ, Clinic Report by Clinic Organizer Jakki Guilford, Jan 2014

It has taken me quite some time to collect my thoughts, in part because I was busy with my wedding the following week, but also because there was just so much to take in and consider. Trying to express just how deeply affected I have been by the clinic has been really difficult as it
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HEAT 101: Signs your Horse is in Distress & What to Do About It.

Contributed by Sabine Ware, DVM, one of our vets at The Vet Practice. HOW TO TELL IF YOUR HORSE IS IN PHYSICAL DISTRESS FROM THE HEAT: Horses will show distress in various different ways. Often it is as simple as them sweating excessively in the paddock, pacing or pawing. The horses w
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