Manolo Mendez

Streaming DVD available on Vimeo

In-Hand Lessons with Manolo Mendez, Volume 1

In-Hand Lessons with Manolo Mendez, Volume 1


You can purchase the DVD and stream or download it to own on Vimeo for $34.96 instead of the regular $44.95 USD  price- other countries, check the price in your currency on Vimeo.  Flash Sale will end June 30th, 2021.

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You will be able to watch Manolo’s DVD online on your computer, mobile devices and next generation TV to learn how to improve your horse’s health, performance and behavior by helping it change its posture and movement.

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BONUS: JOIN A VIBRANT, FRIENDLY COMMUNITY: DVD purchasers have access to our private in-hand group on Facebook where we answer questions and share additional content. We have riders and trainers from around the world who ride and train in 30 different disciplines.


BONUS: WATCH ADDITIONAL VIDEO SEGMENTS AND INSTRUCTIONAL CLIPS: DVD purchasers can now watch 2 additional pay per view segments FREE in our Facebook In-Hand Group. Watch “A Young Horse’s First In-Hand and Lunging Lesson” (25 minutes) and “Lunging the Explosive Young Horse and Improving the Canter” (30 minutes) in addition to our other exclusive Group content.

BONUS: COMPANION BOOKLET: Practical  and logical, this three hour DVD comes with a complimentary 24-page In-Hand Companion Booklet in pdf form.

Bonuses are offered at Manolo Mendez Dressage’s discretion and are not included in the purchase price.