Manolo’s Methodology

Balance Through Bodywork, In-hand, and Riding

In the 1980’s Manolo pioneered the holistic combination of bodywork, in-hand and riding for overall balance of the horses’ mind, body and soul. He is best known for his dedication to a soft, sympathetic training method that prepares horses physically and psychologically for each stage of training that ranges from the early development of young horses through to Grand Prix level and beyond. It also heals the troubled horse.

Manolo’s unique approach caters to – and benefits – horses of all characters, physicalities, emotional states and training levels. His feel, timing and intuitive horse sense has been cultivated over his many years of dealing with and adapting to, tens of thousands of different horses in order to help each one as an individual.

Manolo’s approach to the training, rehabilitation and management of horses prioritizes the balancing of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Training horses, no matter what discipline, will always be a work in progress, never a quick fix. The knowledge and skill Manolo has taken the time to develop from Foundation allows him to observe the horse, then apply this experience and intuition to gradually dissolve the layers of physical and mental resistance, leaving the horse feeling relieved and confident in his presence.

He strongly believes that the preparation and dedication to the basic principles of foundational training matter most. You can always – and will need to return to – those fundamental principles to give your horse back its confidence and balance. That is the hardest work for both trainer and horse; to be prepared to revisit the basics many times to reach your goals.  

Manolo Mendez guiding a horse with a bamboo cane and his original Cavesson

Over time, Manolo’s training methods will develop correct body posture and improve gait quality and a healthy mind. This will enable the rider to offer correction and relaxation to those unbalanced, stiff and uneven bodies. His specialised approach has won him the respect of riders and many professionals dedicated to equine wellbeing, including bodyworkers, veterinarians, and osteopaths worldwide. 

Manolo Mendez demonstrates horse posture
Manolo Mendez checking the correct hip posture of a horse
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