Manolo Mendez

Manolo Mendez Original Cavesson for Sale

The Original Manolo Mendez Cavesson
This is a close up of the cavesson Manolo uses which is based on a design he created over 30 years ago.  Unlike a traditional Spanish serreta, the nose piece is SMOOTH and it is lined with MEMORY FOAM.  It is light and comfortable for the horse. Manolo has all his cavessons hand-made by an artisan in Spain and the exact same cavesson he uses are now available for sale through his facility, Equestrian La Mancha.

Why Use a Manolo Mendez Original Cavesson?

Because it is light, heavily padded with memory foam and NON SERRATED, Manolo’s Original Cavesson provides a uniform and comfortable contact on the horse’s nose. The horse is able to move its jaw and open his mouth easily which is essential when seeking to eliminate tension and stress to create soft, fluid, harmonious, expressive and beautiful movement.

The cavesson is NOT to be used to discipline the horse. Its purpose is to help the handler asks gently and correctly for the postures and movements that will lead to a calm, rhythmic, even, supple, straight and balanced horse.

Here are a few of the design choices made that makes Manolo’s Original Cavesson the right choice for your horse:


– Each cavesson is hand crafted in Spain by a traditional Spanish artisan using quality leather
– The smooth metal nosepieces are produced to Manolo’s expect specifications by one of Spain’s most established foundries using quality metal.
— The cavesson is lined with thick, cushy and long lasting memory foam for maximum comfort


– No teeth, the nose piece is completely smooth.
– No browband
– Only two buckles
– One  ring instead of three
– A swiveling central ring that does not jut out too much which can injure a hander
– Cheek pieces that are adjustable because they are not sewn in but attached using rivets which allows them to be positioned properly to keep them out of the horse’s eyes
– Rivets that allow for a greater range of positioning and also make customizing strap length easier if needed.
– Seams on the cavesson that do not rest against the horse’s nose
– Right Fit: not too narrow or too wide – the metal nose piece were adjusted to Manolo’s specification. In our experience many such cavessons are too narrow.
– Right Fit: Metal branches of the cavesson that are not too long and do not interfere with your horses’ teeth.
– Good quality hinges that attach the cavesson to the leather chin strap so there is some give and the cavesson is not plastered to the horse’s nose. Ensures hinges wont pinch the horse
– Chin, cheek and poll straps that are long enough for your horse so one cavesson can fit a variety of horses

Manolo’s Original Cavesson is sized to fit a broad variety of horses and comes in:

COB: fits a cob or refined arab head.

  • FULL: fits a regular TB size head to a warmblood and larger horse,
  • OVERSIZE: for Percheron, Draught horses, etc..


Black or Dark Brown (Cognac)


USA:  $216 USD including shipping
AUSTRALIA: $220 AUD plus $16 Shipping (Express Post)
All Other Regions exact price varies based on Paypal exchange rate and shipping. Contact us for more information.

To ORDER your Manolo Mendez original cavesson please email us at: CAVESSONS and indicate the colour you desire: Black  or Brown (featured) and the size you want.

Note: If you did not buy it from us, it is not a Manolo Mendez Original Cavesson but a copy.


The Manolo Mendez Cavesson is a simple but elegant piece of equipment that is easy to use and adjust to fit both of my horses. I use mine for lungeing, and I find it easier to keep my horse straight or properly bending on curved lines than an ordinary cavesson or a bridle. My horses relax, round themselves and stretch their necks with little encouragement. I no longer need a surcingle or side reins. My gelding can be naughty on the lunge line but he isn’t with this cavesson. He is comfortable in it and respects it.” Barbara Rudquist

My cavesson was waiting in my mail box on Christmas day. I can honestly say that it is one of the highest quality pieces of equipment I have ever purchased. My mare is already lunging better.” Caroline MK

I received mine just over a month ago and am very impressed with the fit and the way it works. It is not like any tool I have used before, I love how the horse can be “led” around the circle while lunging or during ground work. At least that’s how it feels to me. I’m so glad I got mine, it is made really well and of nice leather.” Kimry Jelen

“I just need to say how absolutely thrilled I am with the cavesson and the quality of it, and for your communication and helpfulness.  And the prompt delivery. The “model”- one of my 9 yo Arabian stallions as yet unridden – has shown no resistance at all.  I think it is the perfect fit, there is allowance for ‘yawn’ room which he previously had a huge issue with, has not tossed his head at all and is working very kindly and well.  Even my other stallion (a totally different shaped head, also 9 yo and unridden) is working kindly and well with no issues whatsoever, and he is inclined to be a little impulsive and impetuous.  The balance of the cavesson is unbelievably good. I am really looking forward to Manolo’s clinic in Christchurch this January.  Particularly any in-hand work. Thank you again.” Belinda Simons