Manolo Mendez


TIROL: May 5th, 6th and 7th

Manolo Mendez Training for Wellness ™ – Dressage

“Manolo was the best at Piaffe and communicating with the horse, all the more amazing because he was only 20 years old where I met him and worked with him.” Reiner Klimke

Manolo Mendez is one of six founding members of the Royal Andalusian Riding School in Jerez de la Frontera. In addition to Cadre Noir in Saumur, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the Portuguese School of Riding, it is one of the high schools where classical riding is practiced and taught.

At this time, Manolo was appointed as the first headmistress and headrider at a young age. Manolo is currently living in Australia.

Manolo is a level 3 Dressage Trainer (FEI) and has over 40 years of experience in various riding disciplines.
He is mainly known for his 3Ps: Piaffe, Passage and Pirouette, which he conveys to the horse and rider without force and force. The peculiarity of his training method is, through his holistic way of looking at each horse-rider-pair individually, regardless of whether it is a Grand Prix level or free-range.

His training method is a mixture of bodywork on the horse, groundwork and riding.

Ziel ist es dabei, verspannte, steife oder schiefe Pferde mit Hilfe bestimmter Bewegungsabläufe in ihrer Gangqualität zu fördern und Pferden stressfrei zu helfen, ihre physischen oder psychischen Blockaden zu lösen. Manolo ist weltweit ein gefragter Trainer, der im Mittelpunkt des Interesses das gesunde und leistungsfähige Pferd stellt.

Registrierung unter

Pferdesportzentrum 1
6071 Aldrans, Tirol

Margit Raich, Marc Crepaz
M +43 699 12167566

GERMANY: May 12th, 13th and 14th 

Manolo Mendez Dressage Course

Mai in Thal b. Hohenthann – South of Munich, GERMANY.

Manolo Mendez bildet seit mehr als 40 Jahren Pferde umfassend aus und widmet sich nicht nur ihrer körperlichen Fitness, sondern legt sehr viel Wert auf einen gesunden Geist.

Manolo Mendez begleitet die Pferde von ihren ersten Schritten als Remonte bis zur Grand Prix-Reife und der Hohen Schule. Er ist ein Meister der Piaffe, Passage und Pirouette und erarbeitet oder verbessert diese mit sehr viel Gefühl und Geduld.

In seiner „Training for Wellness ™“ Philosophie kombiniert er Handarbeit, manuelle Therapie und die Arbeit unterm Sattel auf einzigartige Weise. Als Trainer weltweit nachgefragt arbeitet er mit renommierten Tierärzten, Physiotherapeuten und Osteopathen zusammen. Reiter und Zuschauer aller Disziplinen profitieren gleichermaßen von seiner Erfahrung.

Kurssprache ist Englisch

Für aktive Teilnahme nehmen Sie bitte direkt mit uns Kontakt auf.

Anmeldung und Informationen:

Kontakt: Verena Eiwen
Mobil: +49 173 368 3326

 GERMANY: May 16th and 17th 

Manolo Mendez Professional Course for Equine Health Pros and Trainers

Mai in Thal b. Hohenthann – South of Munich, GERMANY.

This two day course is limited to trainers and veterinarians or equine osteopaths and is not open to auditors. There will be a maximum of 10 students.

Manolo and the group will work with four sportshorses presenting with training problems that are halting their progress.

Manolo will share his process for assessing horses under their rider then demonstrate his hands on, in-hand and under saddle approach to improving horses who are stiff, crooked, unbending, btv and more.

Manolo will discuss every aspect of horse management that may impact the case horses: feet, tack, teeth, etc.. students will be able to ask questions and work as a team to learn from Manolo and from one another.

This course is in English and no translators will be available.

Course is 500 euros for two days.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please contact

Kontakt: Verena Eiwen
Mobil: +49 173 368 3326

NETHERLANDS: May 19th, 20th and 21st

Manolo Mendez Dressage Course


Manege “De Spreng” Priesnitzlaan 17
6957 DD Laag-Soeren

This is magnificent location with boxes and turn out for the riders horses, sleeping accommodations for riders and auditors, big arenas, good footing and a great philosophy for caring for horses and people alike.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Belgium clinic has been moved to the Netherlands and will be organized by Dr. Karin Leibbrandt.

Dr. Leibbrandt recently published a new dressage book “Four Dimensions Dressage” which is being translated in English and contains a foreword and essay from Manolo.

For more information and registration please contact:

Manolo is one of six founding members of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Based in Jerez, Spain, the school is one of the four classical schools which also include the Cadre Noir in Saumur, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Lisbon.

An EFA (FEI) Level 3 Dressage Coach, Manolo is a seasoned horseman with over forty years of experience in different riding disciplines. Manolo currently lives in Australia.

Manolo is dedicated to a soft, sympathetic and thorough training method which prepares horses physically and psychologically for each stage of training from training level to Grand Prix and Haute Ecole. In particular, Manolo is well known for training the 3 Ps: Piaffe, Passage, and Pirouette, without coercion or force.

His training method incorporates his unique brand of body-work, in-hand and riding which gives him the ability to straighten and release tight, stiff, crooked horses, introduce new movements, develop and enhance gait quality and help horses work through physical or mental blockages without stress.

Over the years, Manolo has become sought after worldwide by riders and equine wellness practitioners including veterinarians and osteopaths for his holistic approach to training, developing and rehabilitating horses.

More information about Manolo Mendez:

Course language is English.

Preference will be given to participants who choose to take lessons on all three days of the clinic.

Registration necessary for auditors as well.

For registration and/or more information please contact Dr. Karin Leibbrandt:

No dogs allowed


Denmark: May 26th, 27th and 28th

Manolo Mendez Dressage Course

Vandstedgaard, 28 km west of Aalborg

Det er en stor fornøjelse at kunne byde Manolo Mendez velkommen til Danmark igen. Det vil være muligt at opleve denne passionerede hestetræner på en 3-dages clinic, d. 26-27-28 Mai, som rytter eller tilskuer.

Manolo’s træning er for dig, som ønsker at arbejde med hesten som helhed, og igennem tillidsfuldt samarbejde, skabe en sund ridehest i mental og fysisk balance.

Manolo Mendez er respekteret og efterspurgt af ryttere, dyrlæger og behandlere over hele verden, for sit helt unikke arbejde med opbygning og rehabilitering af heste indenfor alle discipliner. Han har trænet dressurheste til G.P niveau, redet springheste på højeste niveau og er en af grundlæggerne af ”Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art”.

Manolo specialiserer sig i, at rette og løsne skæve heste og forbedre deres bevægemønster. Han afhjælper hestens fysiske og mentale blokeringer, gennem ridning, jordarbejde og ”body work”. Han introducerer nye øvelser med en rolig og positiv tilgang, der skaber bløde og tillidsfulde heste.
Ligeledes er han kendt for sin fantastiske evne til at træne eller om-træne de 3 P’er: Piaffe, Passage og Pirouetter, uden tvang eller kraftige hjælpere.

Manolo underviser all, fra begyndere til Grand-Prix ryttere. Han er dybt engageret i at lære fra sig, så både som rytter og tilskuer, har du mulighed for at tilegne dig stor viden om hesten biomekanik, og hvordan du kan træne med udgangspunkt i hestens krop og are.

Malene at:
Phone (
+45) 20787271