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Equinology Owners & Trainers Course, April 2-4th, 2017


Debranne Pattillo, Equinology’s founder demonstrating massage techniques during the 2015 Owners and Trainers Course at La Mancha.

Learn How To Use Your Hands To Help Your Horse!

La Mancha is very pleased to welcome back Debranne Pattillo, founder of Equinology for the third time for a course designed to teach horse owners how to do massage and bodywork. This is something Manolo sees as a critical element of his Training for Wellness™ three pronged training approach which include bodywork, in-hand work and ridden work.
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If you plan to work on your own horse, it is important to learn how to do it properly from experienced instructors and Debranne is at the top of her field. She teaches anatomy, body work and massage worldwide and has for 20 years.
While this course is billed as an Introduction Equine Massage and Bodywork course you will find that it offers more information than many basic massage workshops. Horse owners will benefit not only by learning several techniques but will also learn how to utilize bodywork to assess their horse’s condition regularly. Trainers will find that these techniques will help horses in their care especially as these horses advance in their training. Saddle fitters will be able to release some of the restrictions that alter the horse’s posture, prior to fitting a different saddle.
Learning the techniques properly is not the only important aspect of equine massage. Body mechanics need to be considered for effective bodywork. It does not do an individual any good if they learn to massage but then find they cannot continue because it is uncomfortable or painful to apply the techniques. Some applications have to be adapted to accommodate individuals. Correct body mechanics and safe bodywork techniques are strongly emphasized throughout the course.
The goal of the course is to give participants tools that will lead to improved health care, performance and comfort for their horse as well as enhanced communication and partnership.
Locating the surface anatomy
Muscles addressed during the session
Common areas of stress
Encouraging communication and interaction during the session
Differentiating between normal and pain responses
Massage and body work techniques
Correct and effective body mechanics
Improving your eye for gait and conformation assessment
Horses: La Mancha will be providing horses for students to practice on. You do not need to bring a horse to participate.
When: April 2-4, 2017 (sunday, monday, tues)
Where: Equestrian La Mancha. Located outside Melbourne, 10 minutes away from Sunbury.
Hours: 8:30am-4pm with 1/2 hour for lunch. Please bring your lunch, a fridge will be available to keep it fresh. Tea, coffee, water, fruits and snacks will be available throughout the day.
Tuition: $825 including GST. Course price includes manual, DVD clips, class supplies. 50% down is required upon signing up  and the balance is due by March 1st. Tuition is non refundable unless your spot fills.
Contact Organizer:  Caroline Larrouilh
Students attending this course who decide to continue on to the Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Course will receive a discount of $100 upon registration for the certification course which is valid for one year.
Prerequisite: Must be comfortable working around horses and picking up the limbs.
For more information about this 3-day course, please contact
Space is limited is limited 18.
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Debranne Pattillo, your instructor.

Debranne Pattillo, your instructor.

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Please note this is not a certification course and will not give you a qualification to practice professionally. Visit the EQ100, EQ101 and EQ102 courses at for information on the Equinology Equine Body Worker certification courses
Suggestions for prior and/or further studies: Although not required for this particular course, individuals may find the Equinology EQ50: Online Equine Anatomy Course Distance Study helpful. The EQ50 course is the required precourse study for our Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Courses. Course details can be found at: