Manolo Mendez

Optimal Diagonal Pair Training

It must be Optimal Diagonal Pair Wednesday We wanted to highlight what Manolo is doing with his two bamboos which may not be as clear when you do not see images side by side. As you can see, he is working with the diagonal pairs. The goal is to develop the horse so that in time he wil

The Ins and Out of Working In-Hand by Manolo Mendez

In-hand work is an integral part of my training, one that I use with every horse, from green to Grand Prix, as it prepares and eases them into the demands of ridden work. I use in-hand first to build a correct foundation and then to help each horse progress along in his daily training

Helping the Nervous Horse Settle (video clip)

How do you help settle a nervous horse in-hand? This is a question Manolo is often asked in the group we set up for the riders who are studying his training approach and his in-hand work. To help answer it, we cut a clip from footage we had from Equitana where Clint was part of a thre

Is your bit balanced?

These beautiful, hand made bits with small centre pieces are made by a man in Queensland called Ken Miller. He mostly makes western bits according to his website but he makes the nicest most balanced snaffle bits we have seen thus far so these are good to study to understand what make


Intently listening and paying attention. The horse is listening to what is happening in his body, and so his Manolo.  Manolo is listening with his whole being and so is the horse. He is checking this horse’s cervical spine and muscles at the top of the neck and around C5 on the

Manolo Mendez Clinic Report by Dr. Fiona Mead Rider, Veterinarian &Acupuncturist North Island, NZ Jan 2014

In his observations of the horse and rider, Manolo Mendez ‘hits the nail on the head’ with accuracy, intuitive awareness and in doing so, demonstrates his keen horse sense and deep understanding of ‘horse nature’. As a rider I felt privileged to share time with Manolo.  I was aware of