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We wish you a very Happy New Year 2014! With a fun Clip

From all of us at La Mancha!

From all of us at La Mancha!

This year is the Year of the Horse and we have decided to do something a little different to celebrate the next twelve months by putting a spotlight on education. But first, a little riding levity!

First, starting in January, we will be sharing a dozen articles on Manolo’s website that encapsulate Manolo’s training philosophy. These articles have appeared in magazines over the past few years and will now be available for free in an easy to download format – They will include diagrams, photos and side bars.

Second, over the next 12 months we will be sharing free video clips, in-hand, hands-on and training in the saddle that illustrate some of the basic concepts of Manolo’s approach to working with horses. Our goal is to create useful, practical, though provoking material that can help horses and their people.

Third, in January, we are launching a pay-per-view channel with individual in-hand and ridden lessons segments that will allow those interested to learn about this work at their own pace.

Finally, we are working with professionals in every equine fields to develop content to share that explores what crookedness is. We are taking a 360 degree view at how crookedness affects the horse and the rider physically and mentally and how to help straighten the horse and rider to help both develop and work together more harmoniously.

We look forward to sharing this New Year with you and we hope it bring you and your horse friendship, health and happiness.